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Squeaky Cheeks Aviary


Due to the airlines being a pain right now during covid, shipping is not being offered from us at this time.

Ray X Dolly

Dolly was bred by us. So her baby page is linked to provide more info on when she was hatched.

Clutch Info

Band # DOBColorGenderReserved or Available
2910.7.2021Turquoise  (Band not on him) Reserved - David
3010.9.2021High Red Yellow Sided Keeping
3110.11.2021Turquoise Cinnamon available
3210.13.2021Turquoise Yellow Sided Reserved for Megan Henderson

I'll send out the DNA's once they are reserved. I have not done it yet.

Unknown Sex

Band # 29
Turquoise (Not wearing its band)
Reserved for David Bowen
Band # 30
High Red Yellow Sided
Band # 31
Turquoise Cinnamon
Band # 32
Turquoise Yellow Sided
Reserved for Megan Henderson
CO Springs