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Due to the airlines only doing flights for medical people, animal shipping is not being offered from us at this time.

M&M Tyler X TCC Rose



Clutch Info

Band # 20 Dominant Red HR Pineapple - female - Keeping - DOB 11.9.2020

Band # 21 High Red Pineapple - male - DOB 11.11.2020

Band # 22 High Red Pineapple - female - Reserved - DOB 11.13.2020


All babies from this clutch are disease tested and Negative for Psittacosis, Polyomavirus & Avian Bornavirus.. So I already have over $100 of testing per bird. They come with that documentation, as well as the DNA certificate. Generally I do not do that for babies before they go home. I only do it with the parents.



Band # 21
High Red Pineapple


Band # 20
Dominant Red High Red Pineapple
Band # 22
High Red Pineapple
Reserved for Melinda Njos paid in full
Fort Collins Colorado