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Peppermint X Patty



Clutch Info

Band # DOBColorGenderReserved or Available
67.17.2021MintfemaleReserved for Sierra Bustamante 
87.21.2021Green Special Needs BabymaleReserved for Lisa Limberis


Full disclosure. Band #8 is our special needs baby who we have been showing updates about on our social media pages. He was injured by his mom in the nest when I took his 2 older siblings out for hand feeding mom immediately got mad and bit this boy who we affectionately call Mike Wazowski. I then fostered him to another pair until he was old enough to pull for hand feeding. His mom bit the bottom of his eye, injuring it and leaving a scar on his face. I believe it was sore so he was heavily feeding on one side of his beak and that pushed his bottom beak to the side slightly. I have gotten the beak to grow back about 95% normal. You have to really stare at it to see it’s over a tiny bit. It gets better every week. Since baby birds are born with their eyes closed, his injured eye did not open at the same time the normal eye did. It was slow because he was healing I used antibiotic eye ointment on it. He likes that it’s soothing. Now that he is bigger you can see that the injury removed his bottom eyelid. And the eye isn't fully open. It’s covering the injured eye partially. He does open the eye as much as it will open. And he can see movement out of it if you move your hand near it. I am not sure just how much it sees. The eye is pushed back in his head and looks normal from the part you can see. Since the bottom eyelid isn't there, he can close it fully but sometimes a wet tear can be seen under the eye. Since there is no eyelid to hold it in. Mike is our 1st ever Green, Green Cheek Conure. He will be offered at a discount. But Mike is not half of a bird. He’s a whole happy healthy bird. And he’s going to have a full long happy live in a loving home. So we are offering him to a very special forever family that understands just how special he is. His personality is so wonderful and sweet. He’s super perky and alert and LOVES us. Someone is just going to absolutely love this guy. 



Band # 8
Reserved for Lisa Limberis
Paid in full
Sterling Colorado


Band # 6
Makes kissy sounds in your ear!
Reserved for Sierra Bustamante Paid in full
Lincoln Nebraska
Band # 7