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Tyler X Carly

Carly was bred by us. So her baby page is linked to provide more info on when she was hatched.

Clutch Info

Band # DOBColorGenderReserved or Available
178.14.2021Dominant Red CinnamonSex linked maleReserved for Tyler Brown
188.16.2021Dominant Red CinnamonSex linked maleReserved for Melissa Klee
198.22.2021High Red PineappleSex linked femaleon hold for me
208.25.2021High Red PineappleSex linked femaleKeeping

No DNA's needed. All babies in this clutch are sex linked.

I am still deciding which babies to offer up and which to keep. They are still so young and feathers have not fully come in. Give me some time to see what I have.

Carly did not  end up being a good mom so these babies had to be pulled and hand fed since the youngest was just a few hours old. These babies are very very bonded to people because of that.


Band # 18
Dominant Red Cinnamon
Discounted to $700
Has a small amount of weepy eye which will go away as an adult. Its just a teary eye.
Reserved for Melissa Klee paid in full + carrier
Aurora Colorado
Band # 17
Dominant Red Cinnamon
Has a small amount of weepy eye which will go away as an adult.
Also mom injured his cheek and he's missing
a few feathers by the eye.
Reserved for Tyler Brown Paid in full
Denver Colorado


Band # 19
High Red Pineapple
On hold. Possibly keeping depending on Dolly's Clutch.
Band # 20
High Red Pineapple

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